About Paul Frazer

Paul Frazer - Success Strategist & ExplorerAs an explorer, Paul Frazer’s life is filled with excitement, opportunity and abundance, which he shares with audiences everywhere. 
A former I.T. consultant and executive, Paul has conquered marathons, triathlons, and Mount Kilimanjaro, and has lived and worked overseas in Africa and the Caribbean.  This wide background of adventure has supported his cutting edge research into becoming a world class leader and performer. 
As an engineer, Paul has an insatiable curiosity in how things work – particularly the fascinating terrain of the mind. As an explorer of the inner and outer landscapes, Paul has extensively studied the fields of human performance and personal & professional development.
You’ll benefit from his insight into being simply world class as he guides you and your team on a journey of success.

Paul is a professional speaker, author, coach, consultant and owner of Mindscape.  To have Paul speak to your organization, please visit www.mindscape.ca, or email info@mindscape.ca, or call 613-264-3791.

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